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Using data
make a difference in the world

Every day there are millions of opportunities to improve people’s lives by making better use of data.
The opportunities are endless.

Commercial projects
of any scale

Touch your data
Select, filter, and drill down with a tap of your finger. Interact with your data using controls that are automatically optimized for touch.

Fast and fluid viewing
Mobile is the fastest, most delightful way to keep your data at your fingertips. Go from question to insight in just a few taps.

Ask new questions
Tap to add calculations and filters. Use Show Me to suggest different views of the data.


Why Thumbalternative?

We provide the best, most secure and convenient form of data analysis tools for your business. Trusted by many industry leaders and publications.

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Natively visual, naturally faster

Dramatic gains in people’s ability to see and understand data by abstracting the underlying complexities of query and analysis.
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Data in your hands

People connect to data of any size with a few clicks. Connecting to and combining data are easy enough for database novices to achieve.
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Blazing speed

Thumbalternative shifts the curve between big data and fast analysis. And it puts that power into the hands of everyone.

Empower people

People start to drive their organization forward in ways that could never have been anticipated. They express their full ingenuity and creativity.